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A concert in an improvised form music is an exceptional moment in time, and can be deeply therapeutic to our selves if in the proper atmosphere musicians and audience cooperate.

Indian classical music, either through voice or the sound of a musical instrument, is able to profoundly affect the sensitive listener and bring moments of peace.

We can find this style of music at indoor or outdoor festivals, in a small indoor spaces where we sit in silence listening to it, at various events, spiritual centers, and at any place that is open to using music as a means to affect our being.

One of the concerts we offer consists of the basic pairing of a melodic and rhythmical instruments such as the Sitar, Rudra Veena or Surbahar with a percussion such as the Tabla or a Packawaz.

A Tanpura plays in the background creating the proper atmosphere and a tonic note.

In some cases for practical reasons we will instead use a Tanpura recording and the focus will be mainly on the introductory part of the Raga (Alap, Jor, Jhala) through the melodic instrument.

At our center we provide musical sessions,  attend other centers or events on request, as also we are doing online events too.

We also organize introductory seminars in this musical approach and also more specialized for those that are already familiar with it.

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